Are there any local granite colors?

Posted on: June 28, 2018

Yes, we are lucky to have many quarries located nearby.

American Bouquet – Milbank, SD
Autumn Brown – Ortonville, MN
Autumn Rose – Milbank, SD
Bellingham / Eternal Beauty – Bellingham, MN
Carnelian – Milbank, SD
Diamond Gray – Isle, MN
Diamond Pink – St. Cloud, MN
Jasper Quartz – Jasper, MN
Lake Superior Green – Isabella, MN
Mahogany – Milbank, SD
Rainbow – Morton, MN
Rib Mountain – Wausau, WI
Rockville White – Rockville, MN
St. Cloud Gray – St. Cloud, MN
Wausau – Wausau, WI
Wisconsin Red – Wisconsin